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Let's partner together


Worship services,

Prayer evenings

I love to lead worship.

//  Contemporary //

//  Trad //

//  Blended //

Let's chat about how I can serve you and your event

Lead Worship
Lead Worship

Sharing songs

and stories



Whether it's a church,

or a group of churches

- Let's put on a 

concert with great music.


Corporate worship

with songs in the middle

that meditate on God's word

We can perform

songs from 

Psalms For All Folk

Volume 2

and previous albums

Bit of both
Bit of both

Different groups

pete 1 YELLOW.png


Pete & band

Pete and Band YELLOW.png

3/4 players

Pete & full band

Pete & large band YELLOW.png

5/6 players

Let's parter together

Smashing, Thanks!

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