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Psalms For All Folk Vol.1

Worship leaders from all across Scotland gathered for the recording of 6 new psalms settings. 
Written in a Scottish style, they have melodies and form that is of the folk music of the country.
This means it is easily picked up and sung by all folk in a congregation.
We filmed these completely LIVE with a full band, and gang choir at St Margatet's in Glasgow
All videos are on youtube
Sheet music and chords available 

Autumn Sessions

These acoustic sessions were recorded LIVE in the studio with Cello, Whistle, and Acoustic guitar. 
This collection contains 4 new recordings including Doxology, So We Trust In The Lord, Give Thanks To God, and O Little Town of Bethlehem

Holy Week Liturgy

During Easter week of lockdown I meditated on the stories of Jesus and his disciples, and how to walk with Jesus from the entry into the city on a donkey, right through to his resurrection walking with the disciples on the road.

Each track has prayer, God's word, and worship, with music throughout that helps us to worship God, and turn our hearts towards him.
Worship videos, and small group resources available (March 2021)

Psalms For All Folk Vol.2

Selah is a term in the book of psalms that roughly means a musical interlude to meditate on.
Vol.2 of Psalms is a 56 minute collection of 17 tracks, a continuous worship album.
Each psalm is separated by a Selah moment, some instrumental, some that meditate on the psalm.
Sheet music and chords available 
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