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Give Thanks to God (Psalm 136)


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Lead Sheet

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GTTG - Sheet


Response - His never ending love is steadfast and sure


Response - Give thanks to God, for he is good.

Below are some call lines that are used on various recordings.

Feel free to make your own to tailor your time of worship to your local church.

The sun moon and starts all declare his glory
He know every hair on the heads of his children

He gave us his Spirit to comfort and guide us
He dwells in our hearts and continues to change us


His word is a light to the path that we we walk down
In the waters of death we shall not be abandoned


The sun he makes rye sets its course through the morning Sure as the tide starts will light up the night sky


The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases
His mercy is new like the dew every morning


He show loyal love and eternal faithfulness
He hears my cry and gives me inner strength

He sent his Son to die and rise again to save us

He’s broken our chains and given us freedom

In him we are alive and have joy everlasting

he casts out all fear and fills us with courage

When storms come and rage his peace overwhelms us

The Lord is our refuge when trouble surrounds us

He’s always pouring out his abundant provision
For the depths of his riches and incredible wisdom



He is our provider sustainer protector

He knows what we need before we even ask him


When my confidence was weak you called me out of shadows Told me I was worthy of care and affection


You always known me and knit me together

You died on the cross so I could live forever

He saved us in christ and he gave us his spirit

In joy we recall all his tender compassion

This form can lend itself to people singing or speaking a prayer and then everyone responding in a liturgical fashion. I'd encourage you to make your own lyrics to these, either planned or spontaneous, so that you and your church can enter His gates with thanksgiving in your hearts, by thanking him for specific situations and acts he has done in your lives.

This song was co-written with my good friend Allan McKinlay. We hoped to write a song that would mirror the liturgical writing of Psalm 136 and yet gave an element of spontaneity. It is one way we like to bring the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers into congregational sung worship. 

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