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Watch over my steps // Psalm 1

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O Blessed is the one, who shuns evil words,
who doesn’t walk down the road of the sinners.
Refuses to take their seat with the mockers,
but loves the instruction of God



O let me be righteous here all of my days
To honour you rightly and walk in your ways
To walk with the Lord when the road twists and turns 
Watch over my steps on the way

The blessed will recite, God’s words night and day,
They are like a tree beside rushing waters.
Who reaps plenty fruit in the harshest of seasons,
Whatever they do will succeed.

The wicked are like, the dust of the air,
They cannot withstand the courts rightful justice. 
The steps of the sinful lead to destruction,
but the righteous are known by the Lord


Selah 1
Make me to know your-most wonderful ways 
Teach me your paths, teach me your paths.
Make your word in to a lamp for my feet
a light to my path, a light to my path.

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