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How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (Psalm 84)

Lead Sheet

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Psm84 - Sheet

All powerful almighty God, how lovely is your dwelling place, 
So deep within my heart I long to be in heaven above
My soul is crying out to be united to it’s maker, 
But 'til then I’ll sing a joyful song to you the living God

One day all the former things will pass way
Then I will be with you in your dwelling place
One day all the former things will pass way

The sparrow find’s it’s rest beside the temple of the Holy one,
The swallow makes it’s nest to raise it’s children near the Lord.
You bless all your people who abide within your temple, 
And in turn they sing “worthy is the Lamb that once was slain”.

All who find their strength in you and all who look to be with you, 
Will find that they grow stronger in the presence of the Lord
And when they reach the driest valley streams of water overflow,
And autumn rain will fall as a blessing from the Lord 


All powerful the God of Jacob, listen to my prayer
So that your shield protects your people, those anointed for your work 
It is better to live one day as a doorkeeper in heaven than to ever live a thousand in the houses of sin 


Our Lord and God your glory shines above us like a ball of fire 
radiant in the eyes of Jesus looking from above
For you treat us with great kindness giving honour showing blessing 
never holding any good thing from the servants of the Lord

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