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Lord I have so many foes // Psalm 3

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Lord I have so many foes, They stand up against me. 
Many say behind my back “even God won’t help him”.
But you are my mighty shield, You will be my glory,
You’re the lifter of my head.

I cry out, you answer God, From your holy mountain, 
I will sleep and wake again, For it’s God who helps me.

Though there are ten thousand foes, coming from all angles,
I will not give in to fear.

Stand up Lord, arise my king! Save me from the devil, 
Strike-my foe upon the jaw, break his teeth together.
Rescue only comes from God, from-the highest heaven
May you bless you’re people Lord

Come back to me Lord, deliver my unworthy life; 
saving me for your own end, to show your faithful love.

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