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How Long O Lord (Psalm 13)

Lead Sheet

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Psm 13 - Sheet

v1 How long o Lord will you forget me,

How long will you look the other way


But I will trust in your unfailing Love,

My heart rejoices in your salvation

And I will sing, to the Lord,

For he’s been good to me.


v2 How long will anxious thoughts prevail

My heart has sorrow day by day


v3 Consider me and answer God

Light up my eyes or I will sleep like death


(From Matthew 8 and Zephaniah 3)


When I listen for your voice, it’s singing over me

Such a peaceful song I hear, it stills the roughest sea


Loud the winds howl, loud the waves roar, Thunder claps fill the air

Yet your voice speaks over the waves, “Why are you so afraid?”

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