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Here are some of the projects that I am involved in.

Scottish Worship - Live at Stanely House
The Scottish Worship Ep was a project in which I co-wrote 5 songs with Allan McKinlay, which are Scottish in their melodic, lyrical and structural composition. 
We live recorded all of these, and they are all available on youtube, with the sheet music here. They have been released online under Allan McKinlay  and are available to buy through
The Macleod Ceilidh Band
For over 5 years I have been a part of the exciting ceilidh band based in central Scotland.
I have written, produced and recorded a full length album of original tunes which were performed by the Macleod Ceilidh Band and friends. 
Website - 
Full album here
New Scottish Hymns
Full album here
As my passion is writing songs for the church in Scotland, it is a great pleasure to play keys in a band that similarly seeks to do this. 
With 2 studio albums and regular gigs round Scotland and the UK it is a very fun project to play with, where there is space to play accordion, rhodes, B3, church organ, piano, trombone, and minibrute synth leads within the same gig. 
Website - 
Bethany Coyle
Bethany Coyle is a great friend who I regularly play with in many projects. Recently she launched here debut EP at the Caves in Edinburgh and it was great to support her on keys. Her sound is a wonderful blend of electronic, folksy, with some epic compositional string parts.
Allan McKinlay
Allan McKinlay is an excellent songwriter and worship leader who is very active within the Scottish music scene. 
Recently I've played with him for Big Church Day Out, Refuel, Creation Fest, and other local worship events. 
Website -
Steph Macleod
Steph continues to be an excellent singer/songwriter with a heart for the Lord. 
With songs such as Jesus is Lord, My Father, & Let me know your Heart, he has released 4 full length albums. 
I've had the pleasure of playing keys for Steph many times. 
Website -
Ellyn Olliver

Ellyn Oliver is an amazing vocalist and performer.

Recently she has been performing (amongst other projects) with an Eva Cassidy tribute material which I've enjoyed playing keys for. 

Other projects
Here's a playlist to some of the occasional 
projects and videos I've been involved in
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