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PHYSICAL CD // Psalms For All Folk Vol.2

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UPC: 194171329302

10 New Psalms
7 Selah Moments
10 Musicians
56 Minutes

About the album:
At our church our sung worship is continuous just like the psalms as there are these Selah moments in between verses and at the end of some Psalms. The album reflects this as it has 10 new Psalms which are linked by 7 Selah moments. It weaves through the light and the dark elements of the Psalms, reflecting on the hard times of life when God can seem far away and the nearness and closeness of Jesus in the Word at the same time. The middle 3rd of the album is slow and is bookended by the joyful Psalm 1 and Psalm 92. As it is continuous it can be used as a meditation through the psalms, a journey that reflects the ups and downs of life. We’ve had so much fun making it, and we really hope it blesses you, like Psalm 1 says:

// The blessed will recite God’s word night and day
// They are like a tree beside rushing water
// Which yields plenty fruit in the harshest of season
// Whatever they do will succeed

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